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Guest satisfaction is the #1 factor independent hoteliers must focus on. 

It's your key to more guest bookings and an invaluable opportunity to compete with larger hotel chains, no matter what your budget, or theirs, may be. 

The Online Reputation Dashboard

Optimize your guest experience by collecting and analyzing all guest reviews and social media mentions for your property.

Online reputation dashboard by Revinate

Save time by monitoring content from thousands of sources into a single interface, directly within your PMS. Know your strengths and weaknesses:

[fa icon="check"] Make informed operational improvements to enhance guest satisfaction and boost revenues, 

[fa icon="check"] Promote what you do better than competitors. 

See your Review Key Indicators at-a-glance

It's a great opportunity! Make the most of it.

[fa icon="comments-o"] Number of Reviews

[fa icon="star"] Average Rating

[fa icon="smile-o"] % of Positive Reviews

[fa icon="sitemap"] Source

[fa icon="heart-o"] Sentiment Analysis

[fa icon="clock-o"] Latest Reviews

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