Louis T Collection takes independent hotels to the next level while maintaining their unique identity and charm.

The Louis T Collection is a hospitality and building solutions company. A rising new player in Asia’s hospitality arena, Louis T offers a suite of services covering key aspects of hotel and asset management, as well as building and design solutions. Louis T leverages its diverse in-house expertise and technology alliances to improve a hotel’s operational performance and profitability, its market position, and to optimize product offering and styling. Partnering with Frontdesk Anywhere has let complimented its technology offering and business expansion strategy.

Louis T Collection is a member of The Getz Group of Companies. Learn more about their services on www.louistcollection.com

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Louis T Collection

About Louis T Collection

21/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3478 3883

Louis T Collection is an innovative new force in hospitality management and building solutions with hospitality ties spanning back more than a century.

The group’s extensive suite of services is designed to elevate both independent hotels and small hotel groups to the next level of success, while allowing them to maintain their unique charm and essence of location. Louis T achieves this through leveraging a diverse range of expertise and leading-edge technology alliances that optimize styling, improve market share, operational performance and profitability.