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About Hotel Covell

Owner: Dustin Lancaster,
Designer: Sally Breer.
Location: Los Angeles, California.
Launch in 2015.

Hotel Covell is an independent hotel focused on luxury and satisfaction. Its boutique suites are highly designed for a delightful experience of comfort, peace and style. The renowned Bar Covell on the first floor perfects the stay.

Hotel Covell chooses Frontdesk Anywhere PMS as They Launch in Los Angeles

Hotel Covell is an independent hotel focused on luxury and satisfaction. Its boutique suites are highly designed for the complete experience of comfort, peace and style.

Hotel Covell's concept starting building in the minds of owner Dustin Lancaster and Designer, Sally Breer approximately two and a half years ago.  Construction commenced on roughly January 2014 and was completed on January 2015.  

Each room feels like an apartment, complete with an array of amenities that are ideal for hosting long-term guests. The Hotel Covell has quickly become a favorite of those working in the music, film and television industry while in Los Angeles.

Hotel Covell lends its attention to quality versus quantity. They pride themselves on resting a'top a world renowned Wine+Beer bar, Bar Covell creating an exceptional overall experience.  Whether reserving a suite a few months in advance or checking in with the Covell bartender the night of, anything is possible at Hotel Covell.

Hotel Covell living room | Frontdesk Anywhere
Hotel Covell bedroom | Frontdesk Anywhere
Hotel Covell kitchen | Frontdesk Anywhere

Starting a Hotel with the right PMS

At the opening of the hotel, the team at Hovel Covell quickly realized they would need the support of a comprehensive Property Management System to manage all the activities in the hotel. They turned to their digital marketing company who strongly recommended Frontdesk Anywhere as the best fit for their hotel.

As they wanted to implement a solution as soon as possible, Jenna, the hotel manager truly appreciated the responsiveness of the Frontdesk Anywhere team. A few days after the initial contact, following a demo and several phone calls, Hotel Covell decided to take a 'leap of faith' and put their trust in Frontdesk Anywhere, hoping they would be able to help manage the property more efficiently. 

Frontdesk Anywhere's customer service is AMAZING!

"Frontdesk Anywhere's customer service is AMAZING! We also appreciate the ease of using the program." 

Jenna DeRobbio, Hotel Covell's General Manager.

How Frontdesk Anywhere Helped: Saving Time to be Spent with Guests

For the team, using Frontdesk Anywhere means they no longer have to chase four tails around in circles. They utilize most of the functions within Frontdesk Anywhere. It helps them reduce and automate much of their workload.

As they now spend less time on making reservations and reporting, they are left with more time to focus on their guests, and their stay at Hotel Covell. All photo credits here are courtesy of Bethany Nauert. Make sure to check out the Hotel Covell on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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