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About Payne Mansion

Managers: Willy Chang

Designer: Curlett & Cuthbertson, registered with the California Historical Society

Location: San Francisco, California

The Payne Mansion is a 135-year old historic San Francisco landmark providing a classic victorian hospitality experience with all modern amenities and comfort of the 21st century. 

The Payne Mansion Hotel Develops Direct Bookings with Frontdesk Anywhere.

The Payne Mansion was designed in 1881 for Theodore F. Payne by Curlett & Cuthbertson who also designed the Los Angeles County Courthouse in 1887. One of the few buildings to survive the great fire of 1906, it's registered with the California Historical Society. 

While the Payne Mansion has gone through several phases of major renovations to bring modern day technology and comfort, it is still a showcase of classic Victorian-era architecture and exquisite craftsmanship, retaining all of its original design, charm and beauty. Thanks to its proximity to San Francisco's major sights like Fishermans Wharf and Chinatown, it's a favourite for all types of travellers and regularly hosts weddings and events. 

Since coming on board with Frontdesk Anywhere, the management team has enjoyed the user-friendliness of the system, the ability to access the PMS anytime, anywhere and has witnessed a dramatic increase in direct bookings.

Payne Mansion living room
Payne Mansion bathroom
Payne Mansion bedroom

Selecting the right PMS for a new independent hotel

When the mansion opened after the renovations, there was no property management system in place. The hotel management carried out a lot of research before choosing Frontdesk Anywhere. While at first they also considered traditional legacy systems, the limited space available for on-site servers was a no go. For starters they knew the PMS had to be cloud based, mobile, and accessible from anywhere. “Frontdesk Anywhere being cloud-based was huge for us. It didn’t require a server on site, and as we’re a small property, we believed an investment for a server was not worth it”.


Two and half years later: Frontdesk Anywhere in review

Direct booking surge
The management worked hard and succeeded to "get their name out there, without marketing or paid search, leveraging word of mouth and strategic use of OTAs". Frontdesk Anywhere's intuitive and sleek booking engine supported this approach by capturing repeat bookers and savvy travelers who know booking direct will lead to the best experience. The branded automated emails help build trust and ensure guests receive a high-touch service from the moment they book till they receive their thank you note and receipt.  

Flexible reports
Reports are both flexible and robust, allowing the management to draw a complete and accurate picture of the property.

Simple & time saving
User friendliness was one of the reasons for choosing Frontdesk Anywhere. The cloud PMS did not disappoint: "It’s incredibly easy to use". In addition, all the functionalities work to make hoteliers' days easier: "It's a great software that was made to save you time. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. When you know and use all the features available, you're doing your job right.
Take the time to understand all that the system can do for you." 

Anywhere, anytime
Being able to access the account and make changes to rates, inventory or reservations from a smartphone is a game changer. 

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