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About Tremblant Elysium

President: Kamal Shah
Location: Mont Tremblant, Canada.
Created in 2007. Client since 2009.

Tremblant Elysium is a luxury vacation rental company nested in one of North America's best ski resorts, Mont Tremblant. Its ambitious mission and guiding principle lie in its very name: Elysium, a place or state of complete happiness, a paradise in Latin, offered to the guests.

Tremblant Elysium Goes Mobile and Boosts Guest Experience with Frontdesk Anywhere PMS

When the president and manager Kamal Shah decided to replace his in-house solution for a property management system, he decided to leverage the opportunity and also search for a cloud-based system allowing his staff to go fully mobile. Tremblant Elysium has been using Frontdesk Anywhere since 2009 to arm its mobile concierges and improve the way they manage their business.

Time Saved

Time saved

Mobility Increased

Mobility increased

Guest Experience Improved

Guest experience improved

 Powered by Frontdesk Anywhere
 Powered by Frontdesk Anywhere
 Powered by Frontdesk Anywhere

Finding a better Property Management System

In 2009 Kamal Shah felt his rapidly growing business had outgrown the systems he had put in place when they started. His team needed a more sophisticated yet simple solution than the MS Excel spreadsheets they were using to track bookings and guest data. He came across Frontdesk Anywhere while he was surfing the web for a Property Management System.

After evaluating several options including an installed system and a couple of booking portal systems, Tremblant Elysium eventually chose Frontdesk Anywhere because it was a true easy-to-use, yet full featured property management system. “Frontdesk Anywhere looked very simple and easy to use. The pricing structure was attractive and clear, without hidden fees, and I liked the fact that there was no long term contract required”, Kamal says.

With Frontdesk Anywhere, Kamal felt he would not only benefit from a comprehensive cloud-based PMS that his staff would adopt easily but also from the support of a solid and responsive team attentive to his needs and who really wants to help him.

Frontdesk Anywhere has an incredible tech support and all staff are always happy to help

"The thing we value most about Frontdesk Anywhere is the incredible tech support and all staff who are always happy to help." 

Kamal Shah, Tremblant Elysium's President.

How Frontdesk Anywhere Helped: Improving Guest Experience thanks to Mobility.

Tremblant Elysium switched to Frontdesk Anywhere in 2009. Their first goal was to provide a true hassle and worry free experience to their guests. Kamal had a precise vision for how his properties should be run: no reception and check-in required. Instead, a team of mobile concierges and staff would be available 24/7 to offer high level of service and delight guests.

Equipped with iPads connected to Frontdesk Anywhere, concierges manage reservations on the go. They check-in, check-out guests, take payments, add comments and charge add-ons while meeting guests in their rentals. Housekeepers also use Frontdesk Anywhere on their smartphones, so room statuses are updated in real time.

“Frontdesk Anywhere has been critical in our success by nature of its mobile functionality. We don’t have a front desk as we feel it’s an inconvenience for our guests to park their cars and come inside simply to check-in. All our homes have an electronic lock and we provide an access code so guests can self check-in. We were the first to create the Mobile Concierge Concept”, stated Kamal Shah.

In addition to Frontdesk Anywhere’s hotel management software being mobile and responsive, Kamal knows he made the right choice regarding the team. “The thing we value most about Frontdesk Anywhere is the incredible tech support and all staff who are always happy to help” Kamal explains. 

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