Reporting for your unique needs

Get a comprehensive understanding of the performance of your property. Analyze past data and forecast future metrics and growth. 

Explore Frontdesk Anywhere comprehensive reporting system

Management, operations & finance

Receive and analyze all the information your hotel's staff and management team need. 

Monitor the right information

Filter and order the fields in your reports to analyze selective data and metrics. 

Build marketing campaigns 

Export and report on smart profiles to build targeted marketing campaigns to drive incremental revenue.

Have access to all the information you need from anywhere

“With assorted reporting options, I now have access to all the information I need from anywhere. I usually like to work from my phone, so this is a game changer.”

Niklas Wagner, General Manager at Mantra Samui Resort.

Flexible reporting for all areas of your hotel

Advanced hotel reports and analytics support all departments and roles, from marketing to accounting.

Operation reports

Operation reports

Transform operations with productivity reports essential to front desk staff such as:

  • Arrivals & departures
  • Guest list
  • Detailed availability
  • Guests in house

Manager Reports

Manager Reports

Choose from a selection of helpful reports built specifically for hotel managers, such as:

  • Lodging statistics report (occupancy, ADR, tax breakdown, etc.)
  • Manager's report
  • Pace report
  • Production report 

Financial analytics

Financial analytics

Analyze and get a clear understanding of all financial transactions and operations performed at the hotel. Get accurate data and simplify accounting processes. Financial reports include:

  • Revenue breakdown reports
  • Trial balance reports
  • Cashier report detail
  • Additional revenue reports
  • Advanced deposit & open balance reports


Marketing & Reputation

Export rich guest data to build targeted marketing campaigns. Monitor your latest reviews and learn what you're doing great, and what you could improve from sentiment analysis. 

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