March 25, 2020

Frontdesk Anywhere offers free access to its property management system for hospitals and medical facilities to help combat COVID-19

SILICON VALLEY, CA - Frontdesk Anywhere today announced that from 25th March, it is providing free access and installation of its property management system to hospitals and other medical accommodation facilities worldwide that are engaged in battle with COVID-19. Joe Kiernan, CEO of Frontdesk Anywhere, believes that having the right technology to manage patients and staff can greatly improve facility management and optimise bed availability, freeing up frontline doctors and administrators to focus on patients and the fight against the coronavirus.


“Any hospital, medical centre, quarantine facility, hotel, doctor and nurse residences, or worker accommodation that is engaged in providing medical services to COVID-19 patients can use Frontdesk Anywhere’s property management system for free to better manage beds and facilities,” Joe said. “At this challenging time, we would like to help affected facilities, including those providing temporary accommodation, to stream line operations, reduce administration burden, and efficiently manage facilities so more time can be dedicated to patients. We have extensive experience in managing medical beds and facilities, including hospitals, doctor’s residences and treatment centres, and are here to help.”


Frontdesk Anywhere is already being used globally by hospitals, medical centres, health facilities, cancer treatment centres and rebab facilities. Frontdesk Anywhere systems also manage hotel room inventory associated with hospitals and medical centres that cater to friends and family who want to be close to their loved ones during treatment and recuperation.


For further information, please contact:


India Metz

Phone:  +1 415 403 2957



Joseph Kiernan

Phone: +1 415 403 2957 x502


About Frontdesk Anywhere Inc.,

Frontdesk Anywhere is an award-winning cloud-based property management system for independent hotels, management groups, and alternative accommodation providers.It provides a platform that streamlines operations, reduces operating costs, increase revenue and enhance the guest experience. With offices in the US, Europe andAsia, Frontdesk Anywhere manages properties in 45+ countries. The system, simple to use and allowing any accommodation provider to be up and running quickly, is trusted by governments, non-governmental agencies, hoteliers, and corporations to manage the allocation and engagement of any kind of accommodation. The system is customisable with an easy to use interface for employees and management.


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