About Guestfolio


Phone: +1 (604) 932-2510

Address: 205-1200 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler BC, V0N1B1, Canada

As avid travellers, the Guestfolio team often observe a disconnect between the time we click the ‘Book Now’ button and our arrival at our destination, whether it’s a hotel, airline or cruise ship. We believe that true guest engagement starts well before arrival and continues throughout the guests’ stay, right through to the next visit.


Guestfolio is the hotel marketing platform that drives guest engagement, retention and conversion throughout the travel journey.

A Guestfolio integration provides Frontdesk Anywhere’s users with the opportunity to:

  • Personalize the travel experience for their guests
  • Provide users with insights and tools that build lasting brand loyalty
  • Gain access to the marketing resource and community for hospitality professionals around the world

With the guest profile at the heart of what Frontdesk Anywhere and Guestfolio do, Frontdesk Anywhere users will now have the opportunity to sync real time with one of the leading hotel marketing platform, ultimately providing better visibility of guest interactions.

In addition, hotels will have the tools and insights to be able to better engage with their guests, retain more guests and convert guests from OTA bookings to future direct bookings.