IBC Hotels

About IBC Hotels

Website: ibchotels.com

Phone: +1 (602) 944-1500 x215

Contact: Pamela Barnhill, Founder, President & COO

Email: pbarnhill@ibchotels.com

IBC Hotels, community of 6500+ members, operates in 170 countries and over 2,000,000 rooms and suites. IBC is specialized in offering guests with a unique, non-cookie cutter hotel experience in addition to providing value-added amenities and resort locations to its guests.

IBC Hotels

InnDependent Boutique Collection Technology platform with collection benefits only for independent boutique hotels.

IBC is growing independent hotel revenue with Google, meta & captive channels while providing brand-like collection benefits.

The mission of IBC Hotels is to reduce reliance on traditional models through technology, community and collaboration. To reach this goal, IBC provides compelling tools to favorise hoteliers exposure: loyalty program, premium booking platform, GDS connectivity and other unique ways to be seen and booked, using both private meta channels in the IBC Marketplace and public rates in IBC Hotels.

With Frontdesk Anywhere, IBC promotes each hotel's independence, delivering all guest information to upscale the marketing experience they provide to their guests. In this purpose, Frontdesk Anywhere's customers will be able to enroll for free to IBC portal.